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Postby Tiny » Sat Nov 18, 2000 3:04 pm

we gonna get the subs back for the member status thingy? how about using a HU for the IP Logged icon? And maybe replace my surf board/fractal thingy, it doesn't look quite right in the new layout....

just thought I'd heap some more work on...

hehe, it's all appreciated guys, and that intro is friggin' SWEET!

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Postby jlaine » Mon Nov 20, 2000 11:59 am

Subs looked like arse in the new layout. I'll be checking on other options after I finish the major things.
IP logged icon will stay until I find something suiting, may be a while.
Other minor cosmetic things have been put on the backburner until we are finished with some of the major work...

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