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Postby Electrodynamic » Thu Dec 07, 2000 8:58 am

I haven't been able to check my email for the past two days. When is this going to be fixed?


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Postby Siccmade » Thu Dec 07, 2000 9:25 am

I thought it was jsut me. Image

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Postby livinitup » Thu Dec 07, 2000 10:04 am

From Jlaine -
Due to our new host setting up our routing files incorrectly, all freeserver
actions have been halted. We are aware of the problem and have notified our
new host of the changes that need to be made. The fix will be in place ASAP,
I will do my best to notify everyone of when it happens. Due to my server
being behind, I am not on the new forum- and I cannot look into much until
our ISP routes us there. Until then, hang tight fellas, we are working on

Postby TBass » Thu Dec 07, 2000 11:32 am

Currently the MX files were set up incorrectly on the new server. and doesn't point to the right URL for our e-mail. We are working as fast as possible and we'll keep everyone updated.

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Postby jlaine » Thu Dec 07, 2000 9:49 pm

We are at the mercy of another company for this problem to get resolved, we will notify everyone once they resolve the issue.

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