Dropping Monster for Panamax and AudioQuest

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Dropping Monster for Panamax and AudioQuest

Postby 93CougarXR7SE » Fri Feb 09, 2007 5:14 am

Had the Panamax and AudioQuest guys in this week for training on their new stuff.

Let me tell you, I can't wait to use their stuff! So much better than Monster. One of the guys from Panamax tested a light bulb on their little transformer that doubles the voltage, so it was putting out 220V to the bulb, it got bright. They connected one of their $150 power strips, pushed the button, their power strip shut off. Let go of the button, and it turned back on. So it protected the light, and came back on when it was safe. Next they tried Monster. I think it was an HT800, just a generic cheap strip. Pushed the button, bulb got bright, power strip didn't do jack. pushed it another couple times, within about 30 seconds, and the strip fried. We had smoke coming out of it. So Monster didn't do jack on it's surge protector.

I'm so glad to get these companies. With AQ, we'll be able to make CL-rated wires right off of the spool. The reuseable ends of the AudioQuest are gonna be nice, and we won't have to use the compression tools anymore.

AudioQuest is giving us some free stuff, so I'm gonna try and get a couple useful things that people here might like to take a look at. A spool of wire would be nice to have onhand. ;)
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