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My first new receiver! (HD-A/V receiver to boot!)

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 1:45 am
by 93CougarXR7SE
I've been using an old Pioneer receiver for a while, and I finally got my first new receiver yesterday. I got it for $271, employee cost, so I'm really happy! It's the Onkyo TX-SR605(B). Retail is $499, so at about half-price, I figured I would get it. I have 3 component-ins, one component-out, 2 HDMI-ins, 1 HDMI-out, plenty of other options, and some great sound so far. Wanting to upgrade speakers at some point, and probably build some of my own. We'll see what I come up with.

My second receiver. My first one is about 20 years old, at least 15. I still have the speakers it used, but I replaced the woofers with Dayton 10"s. I'll probably build some speakers similar, but with a new cabinet and different tweeters/mids. Might go for something with storage space for my DVDs, if I ever get around to building them, but there's some spare material at work I could probably use.

Woot! :cwm18: :cwm21: