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Got a TiVo - what should I do with it??

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 3:37 pm
by eezip
A guy at work was getting rid of a perfectly good Sony SVR-2000 Series1 TiVo with a 30GB drive so I grabbed it up. I browsed the web and checked out some hacks and mods to the box but I'm not feeling like there's anything I could do with this box that could change my life. I occasionally want to record something on TV and this will give me that ability, but it seems like there's gotta be something cool to do with it that I haven't yet discovered. I watch little TV other than sports games and I don't have any reason to keep games after I watch them although I do have some big spare HDDs I could slap in there if I wanted more capacity.

My apartment came with DirecTV and I'm not interested in subscribing to TiVo.

It looks like a network adapter could open up some cool possibilities, but I'm not going to spend $70+ for a TurboNET for an outdated TiVo box without good reason. Are there any cheaper alternatives to the TurboNET? I haven't found any way to make this thing act like a Slingbox or Apple TV.

So... what do you guys do with your TiVos? Is there some way I can make this thing into a networked media server? Something else cool??