330I Rotor size...

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330I Rotor size...

Postby kevox » Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:05 am

So I walked around this gorgeous 330I outside work today and noticed the 4 slotted rotors it had that were VERY large looking....based on mine which are 10.31" I was guessing these were in the 11.5-12" range - front AND rear!

Of course seeing those monsters made me start wondering what was potentially under the hood! As luck would have it, the owner (and his g/f) walked out and were just leaving so I asked him real quick how big the rotors were and he replied with a dis-interested "I don't know. They're stock." in a tone that suggested "Uhmm, don't ask about my car. I'm trying to keep it on the DL" kinda thing so I tried googling it real quick once I got home but came up empty handed and I was simply wondering if anyone knows what size the real factory rotors are onthe BMW 330I's? This was a 2-door coupe, no idea what year but I'd guess 2003 or newer (heck it could've been an 07 for all i know; I don't follow BMW's that closely...). I highly doubt those rotors were stock but I figured I'd check into it....
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