dream cars (within reason)

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dream cars (within reason)

Postby nismo » Wed Aug 14, 2002 12:47 am

ive liked the jettas for a long time, but i am dissapointed that vwoa doesnt offer the 4motion for the us models. i built one using the german site, and i have it linked here...lemme know what you think.

1.8 liter 5 valve turbo engine
4 motion awd
5 speed manual tranny

i saved it at: http://www.bsu.edu/web/ervincent/jetta.htm


*edit* its trying to not let me link them, so ill do it a different way. :(
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Postby karkid » Wed Aug 14, 2002 2:21 am

I own my dream car, my next car is gonna be a 94 or newer Sonoma with a turbo 4.3 and AWD. Running at least 11's.

Postby sirsloop » Wed Aug 14, 2002 6:15 am

uhh...a sonoma and a jetta? You guys dont have high expectations do you??

Im thinking 89 Saleen SSC...possibly a Z06...

I always wanted a HUGE truck with a bigblock and 38s. Ya, I want one of those.
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Postby davidjs » Wed Aug 14, 2002 8:40 am



nuff said :D
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Postby CS1 » Wed Aug 14, 2002 9:43 am

Hey Saleen, my boss just got a brand new M3 convertible and let me drive it. can we say sweeeeeet?

until recently i thought the 911 was the best looking car ou there, that is until i saw the new SL Mercedes. damn that car is beautiful.

Ferraris are probbaly the most exotic looking, Bentley's the most luxurious. Best bang for under a 100 grand has to be the Viper. And since I'm a GM man, gotta love the Vette for it's performance, looks and price.

sucks working with multi millionares on a regular basis. really throws off your sense of normalcy and what the average Joe can safely afford.

to put it lightly, my boss with the new M3, just paid cash for a 6 story house on the beach in Malibu. yes, 6 stories. i've been there. he has a friggin' elevator!

- cs
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Postby LazyDog4 » Wed Aug 14, 2002 11:18 am

BMWs, Bentleys, Vipers.....man i feel out of place. my dream car would be Elanor from Gone in Sixty Seconds (the one with Nick Cage, not the original). I saw a mustang magazine that detailed how to transform a similar year mustang into Elanor. pricey, but unbelievably awesome


Postby sirsloop » Wed Aug 14, 2002 1:38 pm

I think the Z06 Corvette is a wee bit more sophisticated than a Viper. Dont get me wrong, they are cool cars, but I think the corvette has had a little more thought put into its design.

Ferraris are impressive, there is a guy running grand am racing at the track with a stock powered ferrari (360 modena i think it was). It was bought from a showroom, stripped, race prepped with saftey features ect ect. Open exhaust was put on along with some racing tires and its at the track winning (won its class and beat cars in higher classes). VERY impressive car, smoked every corvette, porsche, and viper out there.
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Postby outlawstar » Wed Aug 14, 2002 3:24 pm

i want a #'s matchin 1970 boss 429 ford mustang. or a 1949 willy's coupe with a big ole blown 502. but hey thats just me lol
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Postby TimDimman » Wed Aug 14, 2002 3:26 pm

The car I've decided on will be a Lexus GS400...

That's my dream car for now...If I can't find the GS400 then I'll settle on the IS300 :)

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Postby ^devep racer^ » Wed Aug 14, 2002 3:27 pm

M3 is nice :) As is the Audi (outie) A6 :)
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