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a/c help

Postby CS1 » Tue Sep 10, 2002 7:16 pm

does it even seem possible for my car to run cooler with the a/c on than with it off? it's been running warm for a while now and have been driving with the a/c off. but today it was too friggin hot and i decided to take a chance a ran with it on and i swear the temp coolant went down.

...system still in progress but for now:
crappy old-school JVC head unit
Pioneer 6.5" coaxials (front & rear)
RF 550X amp
JBL 600.1
Elemental Designs E12A (1.25 cubes sealed)
Clarion EQS560 dash EQ
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Postby sandt38 » Tue Sep 10, 2002 7:51 pm

Hmmm... Well if you have an electric fan, the computer will turn it on when the AC is on. On some cars it cycles as the compressor cycles, on others it is on all the time that the AC is on. This could account for the cooler running, but it is not too realistic. The AC adds load to the engine creating more heat, that is why the fan comes on;) . The temperature should stay the same. I might suggest 1 of 2 things. Look in front of the radiator for a buildup of leaves and mud, etc. Clean it out if there is any. Look into the radiators, at the core. There should be little to no blockage. I suspect 1 of these 2 situations as the fan being on will cool the coolant more if... There is a hinderance of coolant in the core, leaving coolant in the radiator longer... or a hinderance of air across the core and the fan draws more air across it.

Hope this helps...

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