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Re: Re: nice rims

Postby Sound_Miata » Fri Oct 04, 2002 9:05 am

Originally posted by jlaine
They make kits to adjust for that, not sure if they do for firebirds, but they are out for most major trucks (where people with lift kits get really nuts...)

for the most part it is a matter of tire sizing and adjusting your aspect ratio to be within 5% of factory....most factory speedometers are off by that margin anyhow....so whats a bit more eh ;)

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Postby josh99ta » Fri Oct 04, 2002 12:10 pm

Stock tire size on the 17s are 275/40 and if you go to 18s you have to go 275/35 to keep the speedo accurate. Just gotta lose some sidewall and you're fine.

Josh, I'll shoot you an email when I get home (at school right now) but here is what I'm thinking. I'm selling with wheesl but I'm also selling them with tires to make up for the money I won't get for the wheels. Tires are brand new with just under 5,000 miles on them and I haven't been hard on them at all (read: massive burnouts, drag racing, autox, these tires are fresh). Kumho Ecsta Supra 712s 245/50/16. I know of one wheel at least that the place I took them too happened to scratch up. I need to inspect the other wheels further. So since the wheels have 72k miles on them and the tires have less than 5k on them, I'm asking around $125 for each wheel w/ tire, so around $500 for the whole set plus shipping costs. That will get me tires for the new wheels and then i just gotta come up with the money for the new wheels. Anyway, let me know if you still want them after all that. That $500 is the "friend price" and I can't really go lower without shooting myself in the foot. I'm asking $600 elsewhere for everything.
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