How do you know what size rims?

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How do you know what size rims?

Postby HardHitter » Sat Oct 12, 2002 12:46 pm

Hey, I am thinking of getting some rims for my 96 Blazer soon and I just started looking into them so I am new, but my question is, how do you tell what size the rims are and what size's would be good for your tires etc. Also, what kind would you guys suggest. I'm not looking to pay all this expensive stuff per rim. I know they will be expensive, but nothing overboard. Just something nice and good money. Thanks.
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Postby Sound_Miata » Sat Oct 12, 2002 2:14 pm

well if you are just looking to keep your tires and go with new rims you can't change the diameter of the rim. Larger rim diameter means new tires as well. Your factory size can be found either in you owners manual, on the door jamb or on the tire itself. You will see for example 205/50/17 lets say, where 205 is the width in mm. 50 is the "aspect ratio" aka 205* .5 (the profile of the tire, how tall the sidewall is) and 17 is the size of the rim the tire fits if the final number is 17, you have 17" rims, 15 = 15" rims, etc. For good ideas try and other sites.

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Postby Tatnall » Mon Oct 21, 2002 12:03 am

go to and they will have all the info you will ever need
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