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Postby Sound_Miata » Wed Nov 02, 2005 7:42 am

*reaches into the wayback file and grabs monster miatas from 1989*

cool concept, but like what I said bout the MM's, 40k solstice is 20k too much in cost. they will sell one or two, but the package will become more common after some cars start coming off lease :) but good on em for getting it done so fast.

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Postby alowerlevel » Wed Nov 02, 2005 9:51 am

Damn.........now if I could only find an extra 40k laying around
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Postby Jakezor » Wed Nov 02, 2005 10:07 am

I should have told my dad to get this instead of the 300C he got.
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Postby sameden » Fri Nov 04, 2005 7:38 pm

wish i had 40k lying around

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