crossovers(passive or active)

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crossovers(passive or active)

Postby Hub » Sun Nov 07, 1999 5:02 pm

I will start with a brief description of my current system and then briefly describe what I intend on doing.The head unit is an Eclipse 5303 that sends a signal to a Soundstream Rubicon 1002 that runs 2 Soundstream Exact 12`s and to a Rubicon 702 that runs a component set that consist of a Diamond Audio Hex 6.5 and Dynaudio MD 130 tweeter split by the original Diamond passive crossovers. I am planning on going with two Audio Control 24 XS crossovers and getting a third amp to run the tweets by theirselves. But I think the Rubicon 702 will be way to much for the 6.5`s. I currently have the gain on the 702 that runs the whole component set at the minimum position. Or should I just get the Dynaudio passive crossover networks and sound deaden my car? I also have been thinking about putting some tweets in my original factory locations in the dash to help raise the stage a bit, anybody have any experience with putting tweets in dash position? Do they sound out of phase? or do they tend to layer the soundstage? I thought about getting an Audio control Master Volume Control just for the purpose of tweaking them. Okay I am done, any help is greatly appreciated, thanx, cya
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Postby jlaine » Tue Nov 09, 1999 1:43 pm

Well for starters I would say that you don't need to jump your amp out of the configuration, if you want to keep the amp and still use it for the 6.5" just test your amp and if it puts out more than what your 6.5's can handle when the gain is at the minimum, just get an attenuator to reduce the output till you are within your desired range. Put this on the amp side, and you wil not lose any signal quality, since your head unit is still putting out the full line level. Putting tweets in the factory position may wack out our soundstage depending on where your positioning them as opposed to your comps. As a general rule if you space them out too far you are going to get separation, it is in the upper hearing rande that our ears get picky, and locating points of sound are easier. I have expirmented with tweets in the dash, and yes your stage does rise, but I had some hellacious separation that I fought with for a long time. As for them sounding out of phase, no, I didn't have this problem, they were crisp and clean as could be desired, but if you are just adding tweets and nothing else, I would say to not deviate too far from your comps, if you do you are going to have a hell of a time getting your stage to equalize. If you get the proper attenuator, and get your gain setup properly, you should have no need for the AC Master control. If you do add the tweets, I would say you are going to be doing some time alignmet, and that you should consider ways to bring up your 6.5's with the tweets if possible, just to lower the amount of tweaking you need to do to get your speakers in synch. Well, that is about all I have to offer on it, anything else don't hesitate to ask... Good luck!

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