RGX (active remote gain crossover) for Kicker Amps!

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RGX (active remote gain crossover) for Kicker Amps!

Postby ALL6221 » Sun Nov 14, 1999 2:34 am

I was wondering if anybody had an RGX in their Kicker amp, and if they did what the amp sounded like with it how was the quality of sound?
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Postby jlaine » Sun Nov 14, 1999 9:46 am

I know a friend that HAD one in, he was happy for awhile, until his 2 solobarics had rattled the connections loose on the board and he couldn't get the x-over to stay engaged. He would be driving along and the thing would cut out, and cut in. The module itself was fine, it was the holder that wore out, and he eventually used 2-ton epoxy to keep it on, and after awhile threw the damn thing away. Bought himself an external x-over, and is happy as can be now. If you asked him about it, well, better have ear plugs, because it is going to get ugly. Bad news on this end. While it worked it sounded great, but if it popped out there was a VERY loud pop, and then the speakers would fade out for a sec, and then come back in at full range. Then it would engage again... From what I have seen, they are a good product, but I have seen some very aggravating problems with them also... Especially for the price of the module, you could go get an external one for the same figure, and mount it in a safe place... Hope it helps...

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