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Postby pence117 » Tue May 13, 2008 1:22 pm

Hi, I am Justin, 21, from Kalamazoo, MI and seem to keep coming up with more and more questions about car audio. I figured I would stop bothering local car audio dealers and bother you all instead:)

I recently upgraded my system because I managed to blow my old sub, which was a Kicker 04S15l72, and replaced it with a 08S15l72. I just couldn't get away from that square cone!! I have had the new sub for about 2 weeks now and was able to really test it out, now that it had been broken in a bit. Before I tell you what happend I geuss I can tell you my setup.

Car: 2000 Toyota 4Runner
Deck: Pioneer Premier DEH P770MP
Front speakers:Stock:meh:
Rear speakers: Alpine SPS 500 5' 1/4
Amp: KAC 9152 D
Box: ported w/ greater than 3ft^3
I am running the Sub at about 2 ohms and my amp SAYS it is stable up to 1000rms @ 2 ohms.....

Its not... lol I put on a sub test and my car was flexing all over and then my amp shut off.

So now I am looking for a new amp that will be able to power my new baby!!(I was hoping to spend under 3 to 400 dollars on the amp)

I noticed my lights are dimming greatly at night, I even had someon give me the finger as I passed them on the highway, because they thought I was flashing them. I have no idea what type of capacitor for this setup.(I was also hoping to spend under 150 for the cap)

Any suggestions would be welcome, also any suggestions for some new front speakers would be helpful for the future. Thanks!!

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