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Alpine iDA-X200

Postby BASS » Mon Jun 16, 2008 12:38 am

I figured I'd give my review of the HU I purchased after about two weeks of messing around with it. I purchased this without knowing that it didn't have a CD player, it is strictly a digital media player, so that was a major let down. But I got passed that and got kind of excited at the possibilities.

that was very short lived. it wouldn't recognize my Creative Zen touch with the firmware that was on it, so I was forced to upgrade that (that was an adventure in itself). the first time I plug it in with the new firmware, took about 3 minutes, and it finally recognized it and played everything flawlessly.

I also plugged in a 4gb flash drive which it read almost instantly, but with less navigation than the Creative. I also tried 4 different USB HDD's, and unless you can find one that can be powered on 500mA's, then just forget about that thought. the first one I tried powered on, but was 160 gb and the unit can only accept up to 80 gb, the next three I tried were 40, 60, and 80. but since they were all "older" models in the PC world, they required MUCH more power and wouldn't spin.

it won't even recognize the 80gb Zune that I have, which is a bummer because that is the greatest MP3 player on the market right now. its a shame that the ipod has such a hold on the market for media players, because people like me who hate itunes, really get screwed.

anyway, on with the review. after being all giddy and excited that I got it working, I started messing with the unit. setting up xover points, sub levels, sub systems, frequency ranges, all the good stuff you've come to expect from alpine. once I got everything set to where I wanted it, I go back in the house and the car sits until the next day. I walk out to the car with my flash drive in hand (just a quick trip today, didnt want to bring the bulky Zen), the HU will only read one of the 17 albums on the drive, and it sounds horrible at that. got back, took my zen out, won't recognize the zen, gives me an error.

so I come in the house, check what the error means, plug my zen into my PC, browse around, tweak some songs, go back out... *sigh* it recognizes it again. did the same with the flash drive, take it back out, doesn't recognize it at all.

Im beginning to absolutely HATE this unit. its very fickle in what it will accept, and its not consistant in what it see's.

I will say, if you have an ipod, and love your ipod, this is the deck for you. I did hook a buddies ipod up and it worked great. could go folder to folder with ease, search by artist, album, song, even skip to % of the list (if you have a large collection).

Im on the brink of selling the unit once I find a better deck for me, something with CD and some sort of media hook up. even if it is back to the headphone jack, this USB intereface is just too unreliable for me right now, and mostly because its designed specifically for ipod, and anything else it recognizes is just an added bonus.

aside from that, it looks great, and like I said earlier has everything you've come to expect from Alpine. its easy to go from one thing to the next, the large rotory dial in the middle is the main control for most functions, so its relatively simple to navigate through. the display is a bit lacking because of its small size, but over all not too bad. its got tons of integratable content from alpine as well.

all in all, not a bad deck, would be better if I liked ipod.
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