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Postby jlaine » Fri Jul 11, 2008 11:10 pm

95Honda wrote:I know what you are saying, but my were so F'd up, that I couldn't even fit the aluminum alignment tool Marshall gave me into mine with stock coils, it was off by that much. If you used shims you could get the coil in there and it wouldn't scrape, but one side would have a gap twice as big as the other......

David Moore laughed at me when he saw the motors, he had no idea how they got that way, but they were F'd up... I actually Fed Ex'd him the pair to see if they could be fixed... I had to buy new ones in the end.. And I have no idea if they got that way from rough treatment (shipping) or they were just built plain wrong. It was so obvious though, you could actually tell by looking straight down at the motor that the parts were off by a ****load, with your naked eyes...

But, you could also look at this as an assembly issue, like you said Josh. Maybe just poor QC if anything...

You can't really machine this away, there are 2 gaps in there, you would have to machine deep into the motor, and even then, you would never get all the bits of metal out and you would mess with the coil geometry.

I don't know what the run-out measurement of the gap should be, I hope someone with more experience here could chime in, but I would guess it shouldn't be more than a few thousands of an inch...

I have no idea if they can re-align them, once they are built and magnetized, that is pretty much it, I think. But you could ask FI.

I asked about the military guy because I could ship anything up to 75 pounds for free to anone overseas in the military, and just pay standard US postage to get it to me in Germany...

Retarded as it is, I've had motors misaligned after UPS dropped them, the backplate had unlocked from the slugs and went cockeyed.

With a machined gap though the way these are, if you are scraping coil (which I've had a few of, machining burrs destroying the windings) - only factor remaining is QC failure @ the assembly line.

Short of being completely suicidal, re-aligning a gap once magnetized is completely not user-friendly. I had one tardcake attempt it - he lost part of his pinky before he sent the driver back to me... :)
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Postby X-OvrDistortion » Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:29 am

jlaine wrote: I had one tardcake attempt it - he lost part of his pinky before he sent the driver back to me... :)

I love it when you talk dirty.
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Postby 95Honda » Sat Jul 12, 2008 3:12 am

Honestly, I think that is why my first Tumult motors were messed. When UPS brought them in, the boxes were trashed and one had broken spokes.

Those were the same motors I had reconed a second time to only have the same problems again...

I had a 7" Scanpeak in some monitors I had built (the clear poly one) about ten years ago. I was stationed in Missippipi at the time and mailed it to myself while home for Christmas. As soon as I took it out of the shipping box and powered it up, I noticed one side had no bass, the cone was basically locked up. I pull the driver out of the box and looked things over, you could see the whole motor had shifted sides. I put it back in the box, decided wich way the motor needed to go, held the box about 2 feet off the floor and dropped it. Viola! played fine for 4-5 more years....

Marshall asked me how much it would be to fly to Idaho....

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