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old school re guy ia back

Postby mrezstreet » Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:53 am

hey guys. i have ran/sold ed back in 03 i was one of the guys who got the first like 32 pairs of re 8's before they had logos on the dust caps! backed off after they sold to us amps. but have keeped a eye on them and...well i am back. you guys got any thoughts on the mids. never played with em, the look good. and are priced good if they sound ok. thanks and i thing i will get my s 10 back on the road and do maybe 8 se 15's or 16 re 12's...we will see.....still got the motor on the stand..lol it has a 4" body drop 1/2" bags any is on the frame..
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