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6 Ohms Load....How many Watts?

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 1:26 pm
by nikoskostaras
Hello everybody,

I have a Kole Audio Mono Class D Amp that gives out: 3200rms @ 1 Ohm , 2500rms @ 2 Ohms and 1700rms @ 4 Ohms. What does it give out in RMS @ 6 Ohms (what can it give?) ? I have now an Ultimate KW1200 Woofer 1000Wrms DVC 3 Ohms (each coil). If I put it in series (so I will have 6 Ohms load) will it work?

What if I put it in Parallel? Will it work well considering that I have 1000rms woofer and 2700rms (lets imagine) amp (in 1.5 Ohms load) ?

Help me please...

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 2:37 pm
by 95Honda
Either way will be fine, you may get too much power out of the amp if you wire in parellel... BUT, that is solely up to you, no gain setting, O'scope or test CD can help save you here, if anyone tells you otherwise, they are full of it... LOL..

Amp will probably be about 1200 watts or so at 6 ohms, probably run the most efficient there also and sound the best. It'll probably be around 2000 watts or so at 4 ohms, and you know what could happen with that...

I'd wire for 6 ohms first and see if it is loud enough, if it isn't, consider re-wiring and roll the dice...