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Postby KU40 » Fri Jun 15, 2007 11:07 am

My office mate plays his music so loud. He's 4" from his speakers and apparently still can't hear them, when I'm 20' away and have two cubicle dividers between us and it's still louder than I'd play if I were in front of them. I've asked him to turn it down and he will for that day, but the next day it's back up. Either he has the memory of a goldfish or is just very inconsiderate.

And I don't understand what this dude was trying to do yesterday in his car. Everybody was stopped at a stop light, and just ahead of me on the left was a left turn lane (has a curbed median, so can't just go into the turn lane way ahead of time). As usual, the left turn arrow turned to allow those people to turn. They did, and it turned red, then the straight lanes got the green light. We started going forward, and as soon as I passed the entrance to the left turn lane this dude behind me absolutely gunned it into the turning lane, got about 2 carlengths ahead of me in that lane, then slammed on his brakes because the left turn arrow was red and had been for 15 seconds. What were you trying to accomplish? I called him a moron as I passed him in my straight lane.

I see that all the time, too. And some people are inconsiderate in their right turns as well. There will be two people going side by side, with nobody within a decent distance in front or behind them. The guy in the left lane needs to turn right up ahead, but instead of just falling back and merging right behind the other driver, he guns it to get in front, then brakes to turn, making the guy already in the right lane brake for him as well. Why can't you just be nice and fall behind so that you don't make the other guy slow down?
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Postby Patented17 » Fri Jun 15, 2007 1:36 pm

What pisses me off is the crazy bastards that turn right in the left turn lane. At a red light they just turn in front of everyone.
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Postby Member02 » Fri Jun 15, 2007 2:13 pm

what pisses me off is not having enough money because you don't have enough time to work enough to make enough.

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