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Postby flak_monkey » Tue Jul 24, 2007 6:21 pm

I LOVE watching rally cross. Remember that xbox game rally sport challenge? Never played Collin McRae.

Going to look at this 95 on saturday at 11p and see if I can't get him down to 4.8k. It's got a clean carfax. KBB value is 6.4k, edmunds is 4.8 dealer and he wants 5.2k.

It's got an aluminum driveshaft, a 58mm throttlebody and new TPS, a cold air intake, ported and polished heads, new tires, corvette transmission rebuilt 5k miles ago, leather, power everything, traction control, all the good stuff. And it gets about 22mpg on premium. And it won't raise my insurance a penny, but now I am going to get full coverage.

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