vintage Denon home stereo gears.

Please post any and all items you would like to sell here.
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vintage Denon home stereo gears.

Postby Thoraudio » Fri May 18, 2007 9:56 pm

Changing some stuff up and need some ca$h, so the beloved vintage Denon gear is going on the block.

This is an old pic, I'll get some better ones up soon.


1 Denon AVC 700 Pre-amp/Amplifier. This is an ancient PRO LOGIC (not Dolby Digital) unit. 100 watts per channel for the front, 20 or so for the back, and preamps for the center. I just use it as a stereo unit. 7 or 8 inputs, composite video switching.... but again, I'd suggest just using as a stereo amp. Remote included. It has some 'scratchiness' in the volume and balance pots, but nothing a quick spritz of contact cleaner shouldn't be able to fix. Some dust and minor dings, but pretty good shape. Remote included. This unit does not have a built in tuner so.....

1 Denon TU 720 Tuner. Absolutely gorgeous unit Beautiful backlit green glass analog dial. And it gets great reception as well.

1 Denon DCD 1000 CD player. This is not quite the same vintage as the other gear, and is not standard width. Still a very good basic player. It was slightly damaged in shipping when I bought it, and has a chipped piece of plastic (barely noticeable on the front), and a repaired power cord. But it works great..... except i never could get the repeat button to work.

Everything $150 + $25 shipping.

Will consider a trade for a decent quality Dolby Digital unit.
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