2 Monitor 1 MK4.70's, Avalanche 15, Kenwood kdc-x889 hu, 1200+ watt sub amp

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2 Monitor 1 MK4.70's, Avalanche 15, Kenwood kdc-x889 hu, 1200+ watt sub amp

Postby boarder124 » Thu Jun 28, 2007 1:00 pm

Monitor 1 MK4.70, this is a very nice 4 channel that does around 80x4 at 4 ohms. It was made by Arpa of America in 1997, the same company that makes Zapco and Arc amps. It is in good condition with minor signs of use. I am looking for $180 shipped. I also have one that is in semi-working condition but it gets a little hot when it runs, I think it might have a problem with one of the biases, looking for $110 shipped or best offer for this one.

Boss R3000d subwoofer amplifier. This does a little over 800 watts at 4 ohms and will do 1200+ at 1 ohm. It is in pretty good shape besides the fact that the speaker terminal screw stripped out a while back and I replaced it with a different one, other than that it is in great condition. It comes with all of the original packaging, manuals, and the un-used bass boost remote. I am looking for $200 shipped or best offer.

Ascendant Audio Avalanche 15. It is use but in like new condition. I had it hooked up to my boss amp at 4 ohms and it sounded better than any subwoofer setup I have ever heard, in or out of that car. There are no scratches or scuffs on it. I was using is in a 8 cube net enclosure tuned to 26 hz and boy oh boy did this sub get low with around 500 watts. I am looking for $200+ shipping.

Kenwood KDC-X889 head unit. It is in excellent condition both physically and mechanically. I have all of the papers that it came with, the ACC drive cd, and the remote control, but I was unable to find the original box that it came in. I am looking for $200 shipped

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