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Test equipment.....not car audio.

Posted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:01 pm
by X-OvrDistortion
Alright guys, got a new car and need to do some modding, so I have some stuff that needs to go.

1st off is a Hitachi v1560 O'Scope. Unit is in working condition. I can post pics if there is anyone interested. I would like $300.

2nd is a BK Precision AC Power Supply. Model 1655a. This unit is in working condition, has one flaw. It is missing the cap to a push button. I think that you could find one at a Tokyo Shack if you needed to replace it.;HBX_PK=1655A

That is it there. Brand new is 580ish, would sell for $400.

Paypal is good for transactions. I am not like all these other cheap bastards and don't care about the 3% pp fee's. Shipping will be determined at time of purchase.

I would be willing to trade for an indash DVD/Nav unit. No flip outs though.

Thanks for reading.